Champlain Compass
Champlain Compass Ad Submission Form

Please fill out this form to submit an ad for the campus wide digital signage.

You will need to upload an image (jpg, png, or gif) that is under 195 KB in order to be accepted.

If you would like your ad to appear in the upper right, create an image that is 1800 x 1170 pixels or similar aspect ratio.

If you would like your ad to appear in the bottom right (intermittently over the blog), it should be 1800 x 1842 pixels or similar aspect ratio.

An easy way to create your ads would be to use Microsoft PowerPoint or Publisher to create either a portrait or landscape ad and save as a .jpg instead of a .ppt or other Office format).

Need more detailed instructions? Try reading through our FAQs or downloading our Template package.

If you would like to submit a video instead of a picture advertisement, please go HERE.

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