These Are Very Rough!

These puzzles are being actively developed right now and bugs are being worked out. Layout of this page is intentionally incorrect--it's simple and for the sole purpose of demoing game functionality. If you find a bug that is not listed below, please let me know! (

Known Bugs

  • Resizing the screen after puzzle is loaded will cause puzzle pieces to not snap to correct places. Fixed!
  • Dragged elements can slide off the screen when window is resized. Fixed!
  • Clicking on transparent puzzle block corners doesn't click what is underneath.
    • Fortunately, this is doable using SVG + linked JPG/base64 embedded JPG + clipping mask. Unfortunately, I have yet to find a tool that can be used to practically create puzzle pieces like this. The process is currently prohibitively time-consuming.
  • Pieces should be able to be dragged freely outside of the puzzle within a set of constraints. Fixed!
  • Dropzone x/y calculations are a few pixels off. Fixed!
  • Unsolved puzzle pieces should remain on top. Fixed!
  • On rare tests, a single puzzle piece can lose its draggability. Fixed!